Simple Handy Uses for jabon ZOTE Soap

It didn’t take me much time to discover the multitude of applications for Jabon Zote soap, and I have become a devoted enthusiast ever since.

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Zote is a traditional laundry soap bar renowned for its exceptional ability to effectively remove the most stubborn stains. It didn’t take me much time to discover the multitude of applications for Jabon Zote soap, and I have become a devoted enthusiast ever since.

Zote is a soap produced in Mexico, crafted with a combination of beef tallow, coconut oil, and an abundant quantity of citronella oil. I’ve received positive feedback about its remarkable cleansing properties from neighbors who grew up using it. Naturally, we were intrigued and decided to give it a try.

Honestly, where was this product when I had to manually wash everything for years? Ever since I had the opportunity to use Zote, the Mexican laundry bar soap, I’ve been on the lookout for additional practical applications for this versatile soap, often referred to as the “WD-40 of the soap world.

Zote soap has gained popularity in Mexico and Latin America, recognized for its distinctive pink hue. Additionally, this soap is available in alternative colors, such as blue and green.

In addition to beef tallow, Zote soap is enriched with the following ingredients:

Coconut oil

Citronella oil

Optical brighteners

Dye (found in pink and blue bars only)

Uses for Zote Soap in and around the Home

Considering the remarkable ingredients used in the production of this soap, it comes as no surprise that it boasts a wide array of versatile applications. The ingredients also contribute to its antibacterial properties, effectiveness as a degreaser, stain remover, gentle cleanser, and overall reliability as a cleaning essential.

Cleaning Clothes by Hand

The main use of Zote soap is to hand wash garments. It works as a laundry soap, stain remover, and white-clothing enhancer. It removes stains while washing textiles by hand with ease.

Washing Machine Detergent

Despite being available in bar form, Zote soap can be converted into powder and utilized in washing machines. To do so, follow these steps:

Grate the Zote bar and pour the shavings into a container in step 1.

Step 2: To the mixture, add half a cup of soda ash and half a cup of borax for each bar of Zote soap that has been grated.

here you have it—your laundry detergent is now prepared.

Cleaning Makeup Brushes

If you’re looking for an alternative to purchasing a makeup brush cleaner, Zote soap has got you covered. It has become a go-to for washing makeup brushes.

Simply wet the brushes and rub them against the bar of soap to effectively remove all grime. Additionally, it leaves them with a delightful fragrance.

Temporary Pipe Repair

In situations where you need a quick fix before the plumber arrives or when you’re unable to gather the necessary supplies for a proper repair, you can follow these steps to temporarily address leaking pipes or tubes:

Step 1: Create a mixture of soap and sugar.

Step 2: Apply the paste to the area requiring repair.

This method will temporarily seal the hole and halt the leak.

Cleaning the stove and the oven

Are you tired of cleaning up greasy messes and filth from your oven or stove? You only need to consider Zote soap. It performs admirably as a potent degreaser, easily removing stains and completely cleaning the surfaces.


Tired of spending money on dish washes that don’t perform as expected? Give Zote soap control.

It effectively cleans utensils without leaving behind any greasy residue because of its efficient degreasing and mild washing characteristics. It also has antimicrobial qualities for increased cleaning.

Repellent for Mosquitoes

Mosquito bites are painful for everyone, especially while trying to go asleep. Citronella, a component of Zote soap, is unpopular with mosquitoes. Grate the soap and spread it around for a bug-free evening outside, or put it by your bedside for a restful night.


By following these guidelines, Zote soap can assist in keeping your clothing smelling fresh even before you put them on.

The deodorizer Zote soap works wonders on smelly shoes. Simply stow a bar within each shoe until you require them once more.

Consider using Zote soap sachets to keep your closet smelling good. They’ll preserve the fresh scent on your garments.

Kitchen Counter Cleaning

By rubbing a damp cleaning cloth against the Zote soap, you can create a lather. Kitchen counters can be cleaned of dirt and grime by wiping them with the towel.

Bathroom Surface Cleaning

Zote soap should be worked into a lather on a damp cleaning cloth. Utilise the cloth to scrub washroom surfaces, helping to remove dirt and sticky material.

Tile and grout cleaning

Mix a tiny amount of Zote soap with hot water to make a paste. Scrub the grout thoroughly with a toothbrush or a small scrub brush, or scrub the tiles and grout with a bigger brush. To produce a sparkling clean result, carefully rinse.

Adding Zote soap to your emergency kit is a wise decision

It’s a smart idea to include Zote soap in your emergency supply box. Cleanliness is essential during disasters to stop the spread of disease, and Zote soap is a great choice due to its adaptability.

It can be used like conventional soap to wash your body as well as your clothes and dishes. Additionally, it keeps away pests that might spread disease when natural disasters weaken our immune systems.

Zote soap is a good option to include in your bug-out kit. Put the soap in a ziplock bag so you may store it for later use and prevent soap from spilling all over your bag.

Is My Family Safe Using Zote Soap?

Zote soap is suitable for use by your family because it is made from mild, natural components. The main issue, though, can appear if someone in your family is allergic to citronella oil. You may discover more information regarding the safety of citronella essential oil here.

Zote soap contains optical brighteners, so it’s crucial to note that it shouldn’t be used on uniforms worn by members of the armed forces. These brighteners can make it harder for military personnel to see in low-light conditions while using night vision goggles during warfare.

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