For Seniors Especially, Covid Can Be Stealthy

Covid 19 was the most horrible reality for world, shows that how covid for seniors especially can be stealthy

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Covid 19 was the most horrible reality for world and still some economies are suffering from it, especially for seniors covid can be stealthy. We all can imagine the situation of how people were suffering from it with covid. I would like to share a report which clearly shows that how covid for seniors can be stealthy.

During 2019 it was a hype that something is scattering the world, and everything will be closed, and economy will suffer but mostly people ignore it. Most of them thinking it a fake news but in February 2020 covid hit the world badly. Not only the underdeveloped countries but developed countries were also affected by Covid. Before knowing further let’s see the detail about Covid and its early symptoms and how for seniors especially covid be stealthy.

What is covid-19?

Covid 19 is caused by an infection with some respiratory syndromes SARS-CoV-2. This virus spread quickly among people. its name has the number of 19 which shows that it was originate in the year of 2019. 

What are the symptoms to Covid-19?

Symptoms are elementary but mainly the symptoms include the respiratory infection with flue and body pain. One of the common causes is the low immune system. People having low immune system effected by covid very instantly. 

Does this virus cause death?

For most of the patients it is a terminal virus which cause deaths in humans. It has several stages, those who are at last stage mostly faced death. For seniors especially covid can stealthy. 

What Doctor Advice to Covid patient?

Doctors recommend some precautions and medicines to those who tested positive. Covid can spread quickly among people that’s why covid patient is suggested to be in quarantine for 15 days. Now you will think that how covid for seniors especially be stealthy? It depends on the age wise as the senior’s effect most from this disease.

Which group of people should be more precautioned?

Covid is really a dangerous thing for mostly especially for old people as I mentioned that their immune system become weak according to their age. Those who have diabetes and asthma are at the red line of critical condition. So, seniors and children should care more than other age group people. those with such disease should care more in covid as it affects them firstly.

What should we do to keep ourselves away from covid?

Every effect has a cause, and every reason has a cure. So there no proper treatment of this disease but you can follow some guidelines people with or without covid can follow to protect themselves. Now things are more evident to you.

However, for seniors especially covid can be stealthy

Seniors can face several problems while having covid and it can be stealthy for them. Its not only have one virus or stages it has many stages and there is a covid which is asymptomatic. This virus never shows the symptoms of covid, but it can affect dangerously. A person can only feel the light body pain they don’t feel any symptoms about covid but later it can affect same as the first virus.

How seniors can protect them self from covid

Those who are infected from covid must be very active about it and should take proper medication and relax their mind. The will power in these situations helps more than medicine. Lastly, those food like rice and cold drinks are more dangerous for these peoples. Italy has the high rate of mortal seniors during covid 19. 


Now you may understand that how for seniors especially covid can stealthy. You must also learn more about the precautions that what should you do to those who tested covid positive. No one never thinks about it that any disease after Spanish flue can hit the world in this way. What we need to do is to make be mentally first solid and then fight against this disease well. Lastly, should take care of seniors who got covid. 

The world will suffer from such diseases in future according to the surveys but what we need to do is to always be prepare about such pandemic.

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