Creeping Phlox – How to Grow and Care

Creeping phlox makes a pretty carpet of soft colors in spring. It’s easy to plant and take care of, so it’s perfect for gardens.

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Creeping phlox makes a pretty carpet of soft colors in spring. It’s easy to plant and take care of, so it’s perfect for gardens. You can grow it over rocks or in tough soil for a simple ground cover. It also looks nice between stones, in pots, or in a colorful spring garden.

About Creeping Phlox:

Creeping phlox is a plant that comes back every year and keeps some of its green leaves. It has pointy leaves and small star-shaped flowers in red, purple, pink, white, or light purple.

It blooms in spring and grows long, spreading stems that become hard as they get older. You can cut away the old stems to help new ones grow and bloom.

Creeping phlox grows at a medium speed and can get about 4 to 6 inches tall and spread out about 2 feet.

Creeping phlox, also called moss phlox or star rock phlox, is a plant that comes back every year. It’s not too big, growing about 6 to 12 inches tall and spreading out 9 to 18 inches wide. It likes being in the sun, but it’s okay with a bit of shade too. It needs soil that drains well, and it can handle soil that’s a little acidic or alkaline. Creeping phlox blooms in the spring and summer, showing off flowers in purple, pink, or white. It grows well in parts of the USA, in zones 5 to 9, and it’s originally from North America.

Taking care of creeping phlox

Taking care of creeping phlox is simple. You just need to water it if there’s no rain for a week or two, and feed it once a year. Sometimes, you might need to trim it a bit to keep it neat, unless you want it to spread on its own.

Weeds can be a problem because they’ll compete with your phlox for water and nutrients. It’s best to deal with them early in the spring before the phlox starts to bloom and its leaves grow fully. Pulling weeds by hand is the best way. If the weeds get out of control, it might be easiest to dig up the phlox, clear out the weeds and grass, then plant it again.


Creeping phlox likes sun, but it’s okay with some shade too. Too much shade might stop it from making flowers.


It grows best in soil with lots of good stuff. It prefers slightly acidic soil, but it can handle soil that’s not too acidic or a bit alkaline. And it needs soil that drains well.



Creeping phlox needs water, especially when it’s hot and dry. Unless it rains, you’ll need to water it about once a week in the summer.

Temperature and Humidity:

It can handle hot weather and a bit of frost, but really cold weather can harm it. Humidity usually isn’t a problem.


Giving it food in late winter or early spring helps it grow better and have more flowers. You can use a slow-release fertilizer made for flowering plants, just follow the instructions on the label.

Different types of creeping phlox

There are different types of creeping phlox:

  • Phlox stolonifera ‘Fran’s Purple’: This kind has dark green leaves and pretty purple flowers.
  • Phlox stolonifera ‘Home Fires’: It has bright pink flowers.
  • Phlox stolonifera ‘Pink Ridge’: These flowers look similar to ‘Home Fires’ but a little different.
  • Phlox stolonifera ‘Sherwood Purple’: It has blue-purple flowers.

Growing New Creeping Phlox

The best way to make new creeping phlox plants is to divide them. This helps save money and makes older plants feel better. You can split a plant every two to three years without hurting it much. Here’s what you do:


After it’s done blooming, dig up the whole plant, but be gentle and keep the roots together.

Use a clean, sharp spade to cut the roots into two pieces.

Put each piece in a nice place to grow, and give them some water to keep the soil a bit wet.


Here are some answers to common questions about creeping phlox:

Does creeping phlox like sun or shade?

Creeping phlox likes both sun and shade. It needs about four hours of sunlight each day.

Is creeping phlox easy to grow?

Yes, creeping phlox is easy to grow. You just need to water it regularly, but you don’t have to feed or prune it much.

How fast does creeping phlox grow?

It grows moderately fast and spreads out over the ground.

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