Who is Andrew Santino’s Wife? Reality Must Be shocking

You can enjoy the things around you. These days, peeps are more interested in Andrew Santino’s life or curious about Andrew Santino’s wife.

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Celebrities are always near the eyes of the camera and rumours. The fun part is people love this gossip. They usually watch those podcasts and gossips magazine, which give you the vibes Today we are going to share who is Andrew Santino wife?. 

That’s not a bad thing. You can enjoy stuff around you. These days, peeps are more interested in Andrew Santino’s life or curious about his wife.

What Gossip material on a comedian….

So before jumping into this topic about who’s Andrew Santino’s wife, let me explain some basics for new readers who just came up without knowing who Andrew Santino is.

Who is Adrew Santino?

Andrew Santino is a popular stand-up comedian, Actor, podcaster and a famous celebrity for his popular series “Dave alongside LIL Dicky” and “I am dying up Here” and many more. Andrew was raised by a single mother and attended Arizona State University.

 He is most prevalent in the industry for his humour. He Once said that he was gay in childhood, which shocked everyone, but later people knew that it was just a joke.

Now Let’s come to the main highlighted gossip, which revolves around everywhere.

Who Is Andrew Santino’s Wife?

So the whole story starts when Andrew presents in the podcast of Whitney Cummings. Where we knew about his marriage.

What an understanding both have in that podcast. That podcast was loved by thousands of people. 


There Andrew starts with a famous line you all can relate to this, and the lines were “Men and women can never be friends only. They can catch feelings whenever they are together as it’s in our nature made in this way.” 

The honest discussion about his wife started there when Whitney asked how you know that someone is the love of your life, and yes, that person is the perfect person for me. In a podcast (13.04) 


Here Andrew said, which shocked all his female fans, that he had probably married for four years. Yes, you heard right! Four years. Which means he has been married since 2015.


What Andrew Loves about his Wife?

Andrew said that being a comedian, he loves humor and attracts to his wife’s sense of humor.

How Does He Meet His Wife?

He said they were both good friends and then started dating each other. They both make appointments with the couple’s therapist for counselling, but both don’t like the vibes of that therapist, which ends up that they can accept each other the way they are.

Why did Andrew Santino Never Share About his Marriage in Media?

According to his perspective, media has some negative impact on a couple’s life which is why he put his marriage a secret, which is the secret of happy marriage.

He said that he is delighted and still enjoying the company of his wife. According to him, a simple apology suffices for all the arguments and fights between couples.

Rumors about Andrew Santino’s Wife:

There are a lot of rumors after that podcast and before that. As Andrew is a famous personality and he has been dating girls for fifteen years. People expected Andrew’s wife, Sarah Bolger.

Well, this still needs to be verified as both of them were in a famous series of ‘FXs’ and ‘Dave’ So people are putting their names together.

Another Rumor about Andrew Santino:

Another rumor was that Andrew was gay. One of his pictures were get viral with Chris D’Ella’.In 2018 both were very close, and once posted that both soon get married, Now deleted that post. Soon after, people know that he is not gay.

Wrap Up

People are still in confusion that who is Andrew’s Santoni’s wife. We must say that he is not only a best comedian but also a very protective husband. He tries to protect his wife’s name even in whole two hours of podcast.

We must say that he is very into his relationship and don’t want anyone to ruin their happy marriage life. One thing is expected that his wife is not from this industry but still, we can say that this unverified. Honestly, I loved that podcast and Andrew’s personality that how he handles things and entertain people is amazing. His ideas and perspective he show in that podcast is unmatchable.

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