6 Common Reasons Why Your Toilet Won’t Flush

A toilet that won’t flush is common and usually easy to fix. Our guide explains why toilets get clogged

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It feels terrible when you flush your toilet and the water won’t go down. Will it overflow? Is it blocked? You might feel worried, but don’t stress. A toilet that won’t flush is common and usually easy to fix. Our guide explains why toilets get clogged, so you can solve the problem fast. Remember, safety comes first with any DIY project. If you’re not sure about fixing it yourself, it’s best to call a professional plumber.

The Toilet Won’t Flush Properly Due to a Problem with the Handle

When you try to flush your toilet and the handle goes down but nothing happens, don’t worry. This is usually a simple problem to solve.. If you don’t hear or see any water move when you press the handle, it likely means the handle is disconnected.

Inside the toilet tank, the handle is connected to a small arm and chain that lift the flapper. When you press the handle, the flapper raises, and water flows into the bowl. Small issues like a broken link in the chain or a loose nut can disconnect the handle from the flapper. Fixing it is as simple as reconnecting a few basic parts.

The Toilet Won’t Flush Because the Tank’s Water Level Is Too Low

The toilet won’t flush if there isn’t enough water in the tank. To check, look inside the back of the toilet tank. The water should be about one inch below the top of the overflow tube. If it’s lower, it might be easy to fix.

Sometimes, you just need to twist the flush valve. If the water intake valve was bumped, the toilet might not be getting enough water. Another common issue is the float ball being set too low, making the tank think it’s full before it actually is. If the water level is still low, it could be due to water pressure problems, pipe leaks, or other issues that might need a plumber’s help.

Toilet Water Keeps Running Because of Flapper or Fill Valve Issue

Does your toilet flush alright but then keeps running? This can be a problem because it makes it tough to flush again and wastes water.

Often, this happens because the seal on the flapper is bent or cracked. You might need to replace it, which is a simple fix. Another problem could be hard water buildup in the fill valve, stopping it from closing properly. You can try flushing the fill valve yourself after watching some tutorials, but if you’re new to DIY, it’s safer to ask a plumber for help.

Your Toilet Is Blocked

Sometimes, it’s not the toilet itself causing trouble, but something stuck inside it. Toilets can only handle certain things, so they easily get blocked by items like sanitary products, toys, or too much toilet paper.

If your toilet is blocked, you’ll notice it. If there’s something in the bowl that won’t flush away, you probably have a blockage. Small blockages near the top are often easy to fix. You might be able to use a plunger or a toilet brush to clear them. For tougher blockages, you or your plumber might need to use a toilet auger to reach and clear the blockage

You Have a Drain Line Problem

Sometimes, even if your toilet seems okay, it might not flush properly. This could mean there’s a bigger problem with your plumbing. The drain lines that carry waste to the sewer or septic system can have different issues. If there’s a problem with the drain line, you might also notice other drains in your home not working right. Water might back up in sinks, showers, or tubs, or they might drain slowly.

Just like a toilet, the drain line can get blocked. You might need a plumber with a long tool called an auger to clear it. If the drain line is broken or leaking, it can also stop your toilet from flushing. Roots from trees or plants in your yard can grow into the drain line, which might mean part of it needs replacing.

There are lots of reasons why a toilet might not flush. Some problems you can fix yourself, but others need a plumber’s help. 

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