Top 7 Healthcare Degrees That Offer a Promising Career

Whether you work as a nurse, doctor, or medical record keeper, your duties can impact a patient’s quality of care in one way or another

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The life of a healthcare professional is full of challenges. You always have to stay alert, as your negligence can put someone’s life in danger. Whether you work as a nurse, doctor, or medical record keeper, your duties can impact a patient’s quality of care in one way or another.

Therefore, you must earn relevant healthcare qualifications and develop the required skills to do justice to your responsibilities. Healthcare is a massive field, so having career clarity is crucial. As a healthcare enthusiast, it can be difficult to enter the field if you are not clear about which career path you want to choose.

Assess your area of interest in healthcare, so you can decide which qualifications you have to earn to attain your desired position. Meet with the professionals from the industry having similar positions that you intend to work on in the future. It will help you learn about their practical experiences, which can be really helpful for your professional journey.

Let’s find out some top healthcare degrees that can offer you a promising career.

  1. Registered Nursing

If you want to serve patients and work for the improvement of patient care, then becoming a registered nurse (RN) will be the right choice.

As an RN, you will be directly working with patients in different healthcare settings, such as hospitals, clinics, and community centers. By earning a bachelor’s degree in nursing (BSN), you can become eligible to work as a registered nurse.

However, if you want to advance in your field, then you can also opt for the RN to BSN program. It will make you eligible for high-level positions.

To save effort and time, opt for the online RN to BSN nursing degree. By leveraging virtual education platforms, you can have the flexibility to manage your daily schedule and the freedom to learn at your own pace.

  1. Health Services Administration

If you are interested in the healthcare administrative position, then this degree is for you. This major promises rewarding career and job opportunities for healthcare aspirants.

The courses in this degree help students to learn about various aspects of administrative health services. It includes personnel management, patient care quality and delivery, finance planning, and healthcare ethics.

  1. Clinical Research

Clinical research coordinators have a major role to play in the development and evolution of healthcare. The demand for this position continues to grow with the expansion of the medical research field.

These professionals work under the supervision of the lead investigator to administer and organize the clinical research trials. The purpose of these trials is to figure out the risks and benefits of using new medicines.

The employers of pharmaceutical companies are always in search of qualified and competent clinical research coordinators. You will study different courses in this degree that will be related to clinical research, ethics, data and project management, and research design.

  1. Health Information Administration

Medical records hold special significance in patient care. If you want to work as a medical record keeper, then you must pursue a health information administration degree. This major offers solid employment prospects too.

While working as a medical record keeper, you are responsible for keeping medical records safe. You also have to collect and analyze this critical information in order to fulfill the requirements of modern healthcare.

In this major, you will study different courses related to healthcare management and technology. After earning this degree, you will be eligible to work as a manager and insurance claim coder in medical offices.

  1. Preventive Medicine and Community Health

Another top healthcare major which you can go for is community health and preventive medicine. By earning this degree, you can work as a healthcare educator at the community level. The courses in this degree include human services, public health, community health delivery, promotion and communication, environmental health, and the study of relevant laws.

Earning this major will enable you to understand the chronic illnesses effects on different communities. It will enable you to convey complex and crucial health information to people through awareness campaigns. So, you will be able to create a meaningful impact on the lives of underprivileged people with no knowledge who are living in different communities.

  1. Pharmaceutical Management and Marketing

If you are interested in serving the pharmaceutical industry, then this degree can be the right option for you.

There are endless opportunities available in this field, so you can have a bright future by earning this major. It will make you eligible to work as a manager for pharmaceutical companies and oversee their marketing and other operations.

You will be studying courses related to chemistry, pharmaceutics, biology, and pharmaceutics. It will provide you with hands-on knowledge of the relevant products in the industry. Furthermore, you will learn about medical product management and healthcare systems that will help you nurture the required skills.

  1. Clinical Nutrition Services and Dietetics

If you want to help people to improve their quality of life by having a healthy diet, then go for this degree.

As a clinical nutritionist and dietitian, you will be working in different inpatient medical facilities. This position offers a decent pay scale and good opportunities which can help you build a thriving career in healthcare.

During this major, you will study fundamental principles of nutrition science and food and biomedical science. It will enable you to understand human behavior, so you can create and implement effective nutrition strategies accordingly. You will be working in different healthcare settings as there is no specific facility for dietitians.

Students opting for this degree also learn how to promote health and disease prevention through nutrition and food.

As a professional nutritionist, you will be able to create awareness among people regarding the nutritional value of different foods. You will be eligible to create customized diet plans for different clients, so you can help them improve their physical and mental well-being.


All of the healthcare majors mentioned can offer you a promising career. You need to analyze which degree can be the right fit for you according to your interest. Each healthcare position offers different challenges. Before deciding anything, analyze whether you will be able to overcome the challenges of the particular position and do justice to your duties or not. It will help you make the right career decision.

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